Customer Service & Support

Customer Service & Support

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Customer Service & Support

E-Commerce, Online & Database Support

Charlotte Pipe offers a variety of services to help our customers work more seamlessly with us, especially when it comes to order, inventory, information management, and e-commerce applications.

Charlotte Pipe Connect

This master database of product information can be used to populate customers’ e-commerce sites, in-house databases, and more. Customers can choose to have CPC linked to their systems and have automatic updates sent to them.

Online HUB

A secure site for customers to retrieve account information at their convenience.

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI allows the transfer of information and documents electronically between Charlotte Pipe and its customers.

Order Confirmations & Scheduled Shipment Information via email

Email notifications of orders received and shipment schedules.

Invoice Options

Customers can receive invoices via the online hub or email.

Automatic Clearing House Payments

The ACH network allows customers to make payments electronically. & the Storefront

Core site and literature shop for visitors to retrieve information on products and order literature.